Thanks so much for checking out the Deyseros Clothing website! I'm Desmond Floyd, the founder of the clothing line. The reason why I wanted to create a clothing line was because I always told myself that when I have kids I wanted to do something to honor them. Originally, I planned on getting a tattoo but decided to go with a clothing business instead!

The name "Deyseros" derives from my kid's names "Deysen Carter" and "Piper Rose". On September 5th, 2018, my son Presten Silas was born. While I don't plan on changing the already established name of the brand, I do plan on adding something to it to symbolize him. {UPDATE} I decided to incorporate 3 roses into the brand to represent him! 

I don't have a real "target audience" for my clothes. I truly want to make something for everyone. There will be a combination of sport, family, motivational, comedic and religion based designs. I want all shirts to have a fitted yet comfortable fit. Making clothes that are not only stylish but affordable is what Deyseros is all about.